Sonntag, 25. November 2007

Intermediate Result - 0° group

Here is one of example on using viscosity in architecture and design.

1. A new method for creating meta-materials that bend light in unusual ways may bring practical applications closer
2. Developing innovative casting technologies
3. Lightweight Structures Manufacturing

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Matias del Campo hat gesagt…

Thank you for posting your intermediate results.
It was a good decision to shrink the size of your project and rely on a smaller scale for the exploration of the phenomena described by you in the paper. The proposed solution includes some interesting solutions especially concerning the ramp/stair problem. In your paper you are talking about "Emergent Forms, Dynamic Stability, Interconnections" I would be especially interested into the last one, as it opens possibilities for the implication of topological solutions for continuous connections between spaces. I like the rigor and clearness you applied to the solution of how to combine open and closed conditions on the surface of your body, and also how sometimes structure and surface start to de-laminate, creating gaps between this two conditions.

Your project is allready highly evolded, and I don´t think you have to change much, but what I would love to see for the final presentations of your project is a more detailed represenation in terms of plans and sections. By now they give a pretty good idea for what you are up to, nonetheless I think as your project is more or less finished it would be great to see the plans and sections developed further..

Here are some inspirations how curvilinear forms are depicted in terms of plangraphic: