Donnerstag, 8. November 2007

group TIA "Viscosity"

The term viscosity is usually used in reference to liquids and their resistance to movement depending on density. This term can however be explored architecturally in terms of materiality, light and shadow, form and space. We intend for the purposes of the creation of the folly to explore viscosity of light within architectural spaces.
When light encounters an obstacle which it cannot pass through a shadow is created. However depending on the transparency of material, different intensities of light can enter a space.
We have observed through our chicken wire and gypsum model that material surface characteristics as well as openings and conditions of transparency, result in various viscosities of light conditions within a space.
We intend to implement these interesting phenomena in the creation of our folly and have began the exploration process by using TopMod to create various types of surface conditions and from there used the 3d Max program to explore the conditions of light and shadow created by these spaces.

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