Donnerstag, 29. November 2007

Final Stage: Intermediate Results Postings

Dear students,
Just a reminder to post intermediate results of your folly on Thur, 29th Nov
Please post the following information:

1: picture of a built architectural example (for those who didn't so far)
can be comtemporary, can be historic, the important part beeing that it describes the phenomena inherent in the terminology chosen by each of you.

2: technology links (material, manufacturing process, ect...)

3: Abstract of theoretical background (aprox. A4 sheet)

4: Intermediate results of your 3D digital model (renderings and/or animations)
with focus on the architectural task to create platforms, stairs and ramps that are derived from the overall geometry of your computational model

Maybe you also can post intermediate result for the elements you will need
for the final review:

Plans & Sections as needed. Sections in order to understand the spatial
qualities, especially your stair, ramp solution. We are very interested into
the interior qualities present in your models. (Put Silhouette figures in
the section to facilitate reading the scale.)

I was thinking about two plan scales depending on the size of your folly:

For those who went for a smaller object, like aprox the size of a one family
housing project: Plans and sections in 1:50 scale

For those with bigger objects: 1:100 Scale

Don´t forget that we want to see a basic idea on fabrication, construction
and setup. We talked about how a complex curved entity is devided into
pieces: the panelization of the object; and how the resulting joints can
become a part of the design, the articulation of the building.

This now is not a must but it would be great to see: a 10 seconds animation
of your project, wether it is a fly around the object, a flytrough or a
buildup animation is up to you.

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