Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007



study of those properties of geometry or geometric forms that
remain unchanged or unaltered under certain transformative forces,
example bending, stretching or peircing the objects geometry will
remain continuous.
this is best explained by the donut with the hole in the middle.

Taking this keyword and the nature of its definition
we attempted to express the idea we got from it in a model dubbed the
`abstract machine`
we created this machine using very simple methods and tools:

1. chickenwire
2. gypsum

Examining the behavior of the gypsum and the chicken wire mold
we observed how it created many different overlapping
layers, holes and bumps all of different qualities.
these qualities are very similar to the qualities of skin conditions or
skin under attack by viruses example herpes and anthrax
Starting from this idea, we tried to represent through the use of different computer
models how the animations of different skin tensions can possible generate architeural
form and possible mimic the anatomical structure of the body.

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