Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2007


plans and sections,animation to follow............FAT-FOLLY


Matias del Campo hat gesagt…

Its interesting how your project is developing. It seems to me that your fat project went on diet...the structure is getting slimmer, the skin is dissolving. There is one or two points where I think you should get your attention to: The platform and the stairs. Both of this elements seem to be detached from the allover geometry of your project. You allready had soemthing intresting in terms of stairs last time we saw your project: The pinching condition in the center of your project that demonstrated an embryonic state of a stair. Look also on this post of yours, first image:

SaM hat gesagt…

Thank you for keeping us informed
I really want to refer in this comment also to your previous posts
You took the analogy of skin and its effects (the effects it creates but also how it reacts on effects). Remembering the imagery you choose I like the idea of the fat wrinkled and sulcated elephant skin. I think you’re really up to something.
Just two comments:
1.keep the folly as compact as possible – stick to the image of skin and its orifices (they usually are of specific ratio to the surface) ; the orange series especially the top view and the detail view are very promissing, as well as the black folly.
2.For your stairs and plattform you should have a look at the image just above the black folly, at the center there’s definitely stairs developing – here you should integrate the material aspects of skin from soft tissue to horny skin!
Ah – and my third comment how is your skin acting/reacting to the ground?