Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2007


1: Analogue Model, based on chickenwire and plaster, students have to follow varying agendas. The model has to measure a minimum of 0.5m x 0.5m

2: Translation of the model into TopMod & Maya

3: Abstract machines: explanatory maps and plans of the concepts and observation results out of both the analogue and the digital model.
In 1:50 scale.

4: model of crucial points of the design, depicting the discovered framework based on the rules (Extensive vs Intensive, Stratification, Connectivity, etc) The models have to be nested within a base of the site. Depending on the facilities we will rely on slow prototyping or rapid prototyping

5: Two A4 pages minimum TxT explaining the conceptual background as well as the exploration in terms of performance within an urban texture.

6: For the final presentation we will rely on a strict basic graphic and model representation for everyone. I.e.: Layout, font, model scales…

Material you need for the first round: Chickenwire (5-10m), Gypsum (20Kg), easily obtainable at the home-improvement dealer of choice

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